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Anirudh Anshu Asthana  BEng Hons MA PGDip

Artist, musician and systems engineer, with an interest in alternative culture, multimedia and community architecture. My current focus is on creative social regeneration and forming a girl band. My alias is Trip.


A Levels, Maths, Physics, Art (AAA) - The Manchester Grammar School.

I am an alumnus of Christ College, Cambridge but left after the first year to pursue a more vocational education in Manchester, the birthplace of the computer, the industrial revolution and the rave scene.

BEng(Hons) - Software Systems Engineering - University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology.

MA(Pgdip) Creative Technology - Salford University.

I have a mensa tested IQ of 175.


Amaze Ltd - 3 years - Navigation specialist, Human Computer Interaction Designer, Flash designer & developer working on large scale multimedia projects. Clients included Saatchi & Saatchi, Volkswaagen, PWC and Autonomy.

The first flash website I ever developed was a guide to global change management, entitled Jumping the Curve. You can see it here.

Disney and Sony Playstation - I worked full time as an online games designer.

Stickee - Creative director, working with clients such as the BBC and Sky.

Ashridge Business School - Developed interactive learning guides for MBA courses and worked with lecturers on helping to express complex concepts using multimedia and animation.

Investor Dynamics - 4 years - Worked as part of core entrepeneurial team directly under the CEO developing statistical interfaces for real time tracking of corporate activity and global market feedback. I was also mentored in business strategy and methodologies by the CEO, a qualified engineer, chartered accountant and City Banker with a masters degree in Business (MBA).

Intellegri (Qinetiq) - Developed business visualisation systems. The company operated out of the stables at Hampton Court Palace and was funded by an international arms dealer. When I realised this I left.

For a full working portfolio see

In 2007, I decided to leave my commercial career behind to become a busker, protester and activist, spending time on protest sites in Brecon, Wales, Parliament Square and Nine Ladies. I became involved in the Rainbow movement and the Squatter, D.I.Y and Rave scene of London.

I volunteered for one year with St. Mungos, a homeless charity, where I ran music and writing workshops with Sarah Bush. We worked on an art and poetry magazine for residents, Homeless Diamonds. Later I worked with Sarah, Claudia Moseley and Steph Smith on the Treehouse Gallery, a social arts project in Regent's Park.

I have exhibited work I later destroyed at T.A.A, with the DA collective and in various squatted art galleries around London. See the art is in the tea for more information.

I also ran a website, for several years reporting on the underground, D.I.Y and alternative music scene in London.

I have smashed three guitars atop Primrose Hill, been held in a mental institution twice and invoked Lucifer as part of a kaballistic ritual (once).

Extra curricular activities

I am a musician and artist. I have a Radio Amateur B licence and am an SIA approved door supervisor. I have worked as security on the psychedelic trance and techno scenes with a number of crews including Acid Monkey and E1S Techno. I don't cook and am a terrible gardener. I don't give a shit about the Olympics. If you ask me to make you a cup of tea there's a good chance you won't get it.

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