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The meditation cards I designed may be used to read Tarot, to communicate with spirits or to explore your subconsciousness. I was taught Tarot by White Dove, proprietor of Rainbow Visions, a shop in Camden Town where we learned about Tantra, the Kaballah and other esoteric systems.

I designed my deck as an attempt to reconcile various systems, simplify the readings while retaining their accuracy and to remove the more extreme negative and violent characterisations that unfortunately pervade the Rider Waite and Crowley decks.

The cards also have full explanations printed subtly on the back and come with complete instructions in a lovely boxed set manufactured by my cousin in India. The first run of 1000 decks are nearly sold out, but there are a few left. If you would like a unique first edition Tarot Set, you can order one here.

If you'd like a deck but can't afford one, contact me here and explain why you think you deserve a discount.

All images copyright 2012 Anirudh Anshu Asthana