Homemade art, music, horticulture and more for homemade people buying, trading and selling in homes and other spaces that definitely aren't shops, offices or zoos!


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Mashu Dealers

Anshu Magic, meditation cards and prints.

Triplanetary Buy the music here.


What we do

Music, data, online and offline sales. Warehousing and aggregation. Trading and creative bartering.

We trade in home made music. Hear what’s going on in your locality and help to support the artists.

Experience cloud sharing from pubs, homes, parks and playgrounds near you.

Buy and sell works of art, commodities, healthy local food, clothing and oddities.

How we do it

Requisition, organisation and delivery. Mashu works like a cloud. Operators and suppliers are independent. Our online community enables people to collect and interact locally in ‘real space’ and also to trade seamlessly throughout the world

Where we do it

Our operation is part of the ‘Evolving London 2012’ project. We plan to start locally, right here in London. the great thing about living in this globally connected city is that we play host to people from all over the world. We are truly integrated. As people invite more contacts into the network, the cloud will expand to other cities and regions of the planet.



We specialise in products that can be made at home and sold at home, whether this is the distribution of vegetables from an urban garden, tracks from a home studio or phone maintainance services sold door to door or within a trusted network of customers.

How we help you

Our network is constantly informed, constantly evolving. Our agents gather, share and traid their own resources, using the network’s infrastructure to exhibit wares, music, and art online. Network infrastructure is also available for planning local collaborative events, parties, and ‘pop-up shops’ in city markets for distribution in ‘real space’.

Warehousing is collaborative, using shared spaces and local connections. Exactly how this is done is up to the individual agent.

Mashu provides tools and advice for organizing inventory, making sales, producing stock and marketing products using our Facebook group and networks.

Pay what you can afford

Successful trading concepts like ebay utilise ‘pay-what-you-can’ schematics. Mashu takes this to another level by providing personal links, options for trade and barter and the opportunity to network with buyers, traders, and sellers.

Managing virtual and distributed teams

Each facet of the Mashu network will provide online interface for local and global interaction. Teams can assemble and disassemble at will and as supply and demand shift


Mashu is a community project based on interpersonal networking: markets can be penetrated by local action in markets and shops, by flyering, and by personal connections.

About us

Contact Mattheu Jeffrey or Alex Furrelson for more information.

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