Rainbow Visions was a shop in Camden Town run by White Dove. It was a beautiful place where crystal healing took place, Tarot was read and a community formed around the Drumming sessions that took place there every full moon and new moon. Alas White Dove has flown to Nepal, and the shop is no more. But we try to keep its memory alive. This site is dedicated to collecting new 'rainbow visions' - positive visions of the future and gathering them all in one place. Hopefully you'll contribute too. Love and light x

Seb Rainbow In the future I hope to see the end of separation between members of our species, where we appreciate our differences and simliarities... Where each of us turns our focus to creating our own visions of beauty and finding how each of them fit together instead of out-shining any one else. We are made of music after all.

Iona McNeil I would like to see a world that shares with one another, where we all help one another, a co-operative world where we love others as much as ourselves. And I want everyone to love the world we live in - keep it beautiful! We should all be celebrating the precious gift of life we have all been given - let's dance, sing, play, create, write poetry, hug each other, laugh a lot and be in a happy state!

Dhyaneshvaar Baba Ji I av a dream bout Peace n Freedom that i would b happy 2 share with d consious community. It involves a collective reality where fear is no longer apparent as we av trust n respek guiding us strongly towards our betterment.

Jaime Elliott I wish for each person to find their balance. through colour, sounds, smells. For us to be able to communicate not only just through language. For us to evolve, positively.

Kelfin Oberon Di Vision United Di Stance Equality Harmonics Di Lute'd. The future N ever happens Now. It can not be. The future had a heart attack and collapsed when the God Particle was found. to be An Atheist made up of pagan faerie dust scattered from the witches broom after heave N 's G ate slammed shut Ab out The Big Bang. Hence the Right Mind already Left Wrong long ago. The Future IS already Past. A pack aged present to unpack one's expectations. The Future was pre Ordained to fulfill de script ion. When we have finally run out of Time, what will we finally run into ?

Mika Saveedra There is a place in the soul that corresponds to the progressive detachment, to the continuous limitation of our pretentions, our hope, our anxieties. That is were all forms of nature are born. This is where our freedom begins. Meditate. Breathe slow and deeply expanding love, wisdom, compassion, creativity, prudence, thankfulness, calmness and elevation.

Thomas Leonard Christopher Jones Harmony, a tribal gathering, my vision of the rainbow earth tribe is a whole earth singing together in celebration. Can you imagine everybody on the earth all singing, the harmonic conversion would be amazing, the life that exists around us is celestial and simultaneously grounded in music, art, culture, family. The roots of our society run deep, and the creativity of our children knows no bounds.

Heidi Markowitz A revolution of the enlightened. As human beings, we will care for life on this planet with the appropriate respect, developing a higher level of consciousness, bringing mankind to the realization that we are as one. No more boundaries. People will no longer be judged because of their appearance, heritage, religious beliefs, gender, or age. Ignorance and intolerance will become things of the past. We are all the same, human, and yet beautiful in our individuality. We shall achieve harmony in a society that allows this existence to be euphoric.

Mick Farren My first hope is that humanity will have one. We may not deserve it. We have found the God particle. But we have plundered the systems. We have lost the way to the stars. I guess my real desire is for a future that actually encourages a reasonable hope and not just grim despair.

Stacey Barlow I hope for a future where all people interact with one another from a place of unconditional love and compassion. Where we help and support one another in our individual quests for happiness. I hope for a world where we revere nature, and each other.

Ashearon Alexander May this outpost of humanity be united with our other tribes out there in the Stars, that we may learn all together how to be proper guardians of each other and this beloved Planet Earth. And stop killing the Cetaceans (Dolphins) and their over souls (the whales). They are the present energetic guardians of the Earth. I pray we will one day learn their language so we can see what we have in common with them and learn from their fine hearts and minds.

Joie De Winter I want freedom for all... life based on love... where there is no way to happiness, but happiness is the way. Living authentically and engaging in positive, creative action.

Aseem 'Ace' Rishi I look forward to a future without fear, where each one of us is equally empowered to create our own destinies, where each one of us can create our own reality, without judgement. A future without karmic pain and misunderstandings, kinda like the dream life, waking life!

Liz Harding Princey I am looking forward to a future when animals aren't slaughtered for their meat (or fur, etc). It could be nearer than we think: scientists are working on lab-grown artificial meat that is indistinguishable from the real thing - and yet no living being will have had its throat slit, or have been reared intensively.

Dot Twenty Three I'd like to see COMEDY, smiles, run wild, make believe in a dream of things to come; let individual creativity spiral out of control & create whole new virtual worlds, no enemies, only anomalies.

Milda Songailaite I think that world in the future would be very great, because money and new technologies will not control the world any more, people will appreciate nature, live with it together, will plant flowers, trees, create new generations, whose destination will be to share love and positive energy with all world. The world will became like a single state, living in nature, like in festivals. We will sing songs together and I believe that people will domesticate wild animals and live with the together like a big family and all be glad for our being in earth.

Angelo Lucifero There is no such thing as the future. Its just a word conceived of by those who believe they can measure the immeasurable. The word is just a concept. The idea is fabricated by the many. Only now truly exists for all time. So do whatever it is your going to do now.

Vilte Gustyte In the future people will live because they will understand that it is best to live rather than collect things and wait for a life. We will learn to live in a moment, we will dance in the street, we will play the music, our thoughts music, we will understand that anger is not required. We will live like now, but I hope that the understanding, which we knew already, will come. And in the future future, we will live just in sounds, in colors, just in the space, somewhere. But it's future future future... Or beginning?

Ieva Barsauskaite Everyone standing hand in hand and smiling with their hearts to the sun and the moon. A perfect sense of harmony of people and nature reuniting once and for all.

Angus Michael McKenzie We are already living in the ideal future, we are just too foolish to appreciate it.

Magdalena Muskala Home, blessing, peace and relationship. Sitting at the table with all the ones you love. Most of all i want to see myself free. Spread my hands with joy and fly to the heavens, with love. Fly over to where the rainbows stand, to find again what i lost inside. May faith always protect me, lead me to the state of willing grace. And I will move mountains and the sea to discover what else I can be. Created in heaven, fallen to the earth, to learn what it means to be free.

White Dove

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