To provide a resource enabling squatters to learn collaboration, sales and marketing skills in order to work towards self-employment.

To connect squatters and homeless people to relevant agencies and resources in order to find legal accomodation singly or in groups.

To simplify the provision of network support and mentoring to homeless people, especially those who are vunerable.

To explain to landlords, government agencies and the media that squatters are in fact people and not cockroaches or rats.

To give squatters something to do so they don't get bored.

Mission 1

Protest against protesters. Occupy occupy and then have a proper go at them, in the spirit of protest. Things you can traditionally complain at protesters about: Hippies and how they smell. People on protest sites complaining about tramps drinking then secretly smoking spliffs in the communal tent. People protesting while eating McDonalds, checking the time on their Rolex watches then going back to their Mansions for tea and caviar later in the evening. Phoenix Rainbow (though he does in fact work very hard).

Mission 2

Protest against the people protesting against protesters, while pointedly pointing out the paradoxical irony of it all to anyone unwilling to listen. Then stop protesting (for a few hours at least) and get involved in something positive! Then protest again!

Mission 3

Print these and hang 'em in a corporate latrine near you.

Squatting on Facebook


Save our Squatting

Occupy Britain

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