To become a nexus for the underground and alternative scenes in London, enabling squatters, ravers, protesters, artists and mad scientists to collaborate, exchange ideas and take over London by December 2012.


Your first step towards working with theLondonUnderground.net is to join us on our Facebook group. Tell us about yourself, what you do and what you would like to do.

The Philosopher's Stone

I found it. The philosophers stone. Now we can move beyond time and space, create or bend reality.

The Plan

We've got six months to take over London. That's not a lot of time. So let's get on with it.

Introducing Trip

My name is Trip. I love you and I want what's best for you. I want you to be happy. I want everyone to be happy.

Black Hole Earth

Get your head around this. It's a whole different way of looking at things.

Sunday Morning

A tribute to Bill Hicks and some thoughts about getting started.

Organising an exhibition

Kevin Seven explains how to organise an art exhibition using little more than a mobile phone.

Biodegradable Street Art

Chalk and intervention. Making art that washes away with the rain.

A guide to flyering

Flyering doesn't have to be costly or time consuming. Flyering can be fun.


Installation art represents a post modern approach to magic. Read about how we opened a portal into a higher dimension using the Kaballah.

Mobile Clubbing

Flash Mobs have been around for a while now, it's time to take them to the next level.


Okay, it's not quite London, but Stonehenge is where London's Magi gather every Solstice to charge our wands.


An open letter to the psychedelic trance scene.

Join us

Artists, musicians, singers and performers interested in joining theLondonUnderground.net.

Audiovisual designers working with cameras, studios and video editing tools.

Writers, journalists, poets and philosophers interested in producing creative documentation.

Crew and promoters who would like to get involved in managing events and activities.


TheLondonUnderground utilises the MyNetworks mushroom protocol. The lifecycle of a system employing a mushroom protocol is as follows:


  • Logo
  • Web address
  • 'Contact' button
  • Mission statement
  • Basic documentation
  • Status
  • A driver *
  • Flyers or business cards
  • A plan
* Initiator / actualiser


As with spore, but additionally:

  • Links list
  • Core team
  • Web team
  • Design team
  • Film crew
  • Events crew
  • Recruitment team
  • Project team
  • Distributed network
  • Editorial policy
  • A plan of action
  • Sub-group development
  • Ongoing implementation


As with Mycelium, but additionally:

  • Facebook groups
  • YouTube channels
  • Twitter IDs
  • Google sites
  • Sales points
  • Personnel lists
  • Team bifurcation
  • Network strategy
  • Network architecture
  • Full implementation

Fairy Ring

As with Mushroom, but also:

  • Rapid emergence of new groups and spores
  • Full network spread, globally and locally


Mushroom Protocol V0.1

[ Spore ] Mycelium Mushroom Fairyring

Designed by Trip