Metamorphosis   Photos by Sarah Bush

"Metamorphosis: a night of transformation by magic and by spirit" happened recently in a disused Victorian pub in Homerton. Entry was via a candlelit doorway down through a disorientating labyrinth formed of fabric, leading into the gentle chaos of a bar full of sculptures and suspended platforms. This was a night designed to be explored and interacted with.

The sculptures in the upstairs bar area, by Alex Parry, revolved around the idea of the manifestation and manipulation of trees. They incorporated smashed up furniture, old books, paper aeroplanes and branches all suspended from the ceiling, as well as part of a boat, next to the main stage. There was also a platform hanging from the ceiling for performers and spectators to climb onto and a rubber tyre swing, both hanging from the pub beams.

In the garden shed there was a chai stall and a free clothes shop and down the stairs into the basement and along another corridor, also candlelit was an installation space. The piece in here, constructed over the course of the previous week by "the art is in the tea" was based on the Tree of Life.

The shape of the Tree of Life (from the Jewish mystical tradition of the Kaballah) was projected through a complex installation, built from hanging crystals and embroidered sheets. On the floor at the back a mandala was chalked and lit by candelight. Ambient music in the space was provided by Triplanetary, Nick Owen and live drummers and impromtu talks were also given throughout the night on the meaning and interpretation of the Tree of Life.

Upstairs there were performances by folk, singer songwriter and experimental bands, a puppet show, an improv dancer also offering massage, poetry readings and a barber stall offering cut and shaves. All in all an interesting night, we can't wait until the next one!

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