To enable and support creative social regeneration in the UK through the provision of online resources and collaboration methodologies, the promotion of peer support networks and the creative use of online forums and offline infrastructure.


Your first step towards working with UKCreate is to join us on our Facebook group. Tell us about yourself, what you do and what you would like to do.


UKCreate operates using the myNetworks Tree protocol. We support the following projects:

Section 6

Squatters are people too. With the impending changes in the laws, we're going to see a lot of people sleeping on the streets if we don't do something about it.


Homemade food, art, music and more. For home made people buying, trading and selling in homes and other spaces that definitely aren't shops, offices or zoos. The workshop is dead!

The art is in the tea

Arts collective mixing the occult with the the everyday to create interactive situations and interventions into public and gallery spaces.

The Treehouse Gallery

The Treehouse Gallery was an innovative public project featuring a free daily program of events, arts, musicology and activities in Regent's Park, London.

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To read about general operational methodologies visit myNetworks


A guide to selling, including some practical examples, ideas and suggestions.


How do you market yourself as a creative person? This is a guide to busking, but the principles can be applied elsewhere.


So you're ready to go, but you need equipment, a computer, a space or transportation. How do you go about getting it?

Creative Proposal

A short guide to writing a funding proposal for a creative project.

Space proposal

A sample proposal for converting a spare flat into a community center.

Funding bodies

A list of funding bodies for small creative social enterprises in the UK.


A simple guide to setting up your own workshop, including an example programme for a film making workshop.

United Diversity

A resource for sustainable projects and documentation maintained by Josef Davies-Coates.

Join us

Researchers, academics and people practically engaged in social regeneration in the UK.

Journalists and writers interested producing online and offline documentation.

Interns interested in engaging with creative social regeneration in the UK.

Groups interested in joining the UKCreate network.

The Buddhist parable of Heaven and Hell

Read this, it is a beautiful explanation of why we don't always have to look after ourselves before we begin to look after each other.


UKCreate utilises a local (country wide), not for profit variant of the MyNetworks tree protocol. The lifecycle of a system employing a tree protocol is as follows:


  • Logo
  • Web address
  • 'Contact' button
  • Mission statement
  • Basic documentation
  • Status
  • One or more drivers
  • Flyers and business cards
  • A plan


As with seed, but additionally:

  • Facebook group
  • YouTube channel
  • Twitter ID
  • Google site
  • Donations Point
  • Links list
  • Affilliates list
  • Core team
  • Web editor
  • Designer
  • Distributed network
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Editorial policy
  • A plan of action
  • Initial implementation
  • Incorporation as CIC


As with seedling, but additionally:

  • Custom website
  • Realtime feeds
  • Project management tools
  • Visible accountablity
  • Web team
  • Design team
  • Recruitment team
  • Project team
  • Network strategy
  • Business plan
  • Accountancy
  • Full implementation
  • First stage investment


As with sapling, but additionally:

  • Custom web applications
  • Online business tools
  • Corporate visibility
  • Corporate accountability
  • Scalability protocol
  • Performance indicators
  • Managed properties
  • Other physical assets
  • Second stage investment
  • P.A.Y.E

As with pole, but additionally:

  • Network of websites
  • Custom business tools
  • Awareness campaign
  • Network affiliates
  • Diversification
  • Corporate governance
  • Planting new seeds


Tree Protocol V0.2

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