Writing a Creative Arts Proposal
With Ivana Viridiana

Creative Art Grants can be for any medium, such as musical composition or performance, painting, dance production, writing fiction, art installation, multimedia, intervention or social arts.


A synopsis is a brief summary or description of your objectives, processes and goals

You must offer specific details about your objectives (what you aim to achieve), the process you intend to follow in the execution of your project and what you expect to gain from your efforts. How will the project enable you to develop as an artist?

It is important to consider how your project fits into the bigger picture. Explore the relationship of your work to the larger creative context and don't be afraid to do your research.

Think about when you want to talk about your vision (the big picture) and where it is more useful to explore details. A good proposal combines both these perspectives, and a few others too.

Project Narrative

The project narrative is an extended discussion of your objectives, methods and the artist’s creative biography.

Medium and Technique

Describe in detail the artwork you intend to accomplish.

What area or media will you be working in?

What conceptual approach are you taking with this project?

What concerns do you address?

How do you envision your final product?

What techniques will you use? Why and how will you use them?

Current Dialogue

Cite sources that have inspired you for this proposal.

Compare the proposed project with past or current work by other artists.

Describe how your work relates to analogous works in other artistic métier.

Creative Biography

What formal or informal training have you had?

What relevant experience prepared you for this project?

How does your past work inform this project?


How do you plan to accomplish this project?

Provide a detailed timeline, including preproduction research

Production schedule, itemising tasks and allocating time and organization for each postproduction work, if applicable


How will this project or product enhance your interests and skills, directions and opportunities for further work?

Exhibition, presentation, performance or publication: How, where and when do you plan to present your work?

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