The requisition of equipment is an importantant factor to consider while trying to get your projects off the ground. You may not be able to afford to buy everything you need. These are factors you might consider in getting hold of what you need.

Make a clear list of what you need and put it on your website and Facebook group. This is your wish list. Drive traffic towards this list by advertising your page. Add information about what you need on flyers and other marketing material. Make sure you add contact details.

Visit Gumtree and other sites on a regular basis to see what people are giving away. If you have spare equipment, advertise that as well, it's good to give as well as take.

Share what you have amongst your network.

Borrowing equipment can be dangerous. Try not to borrow something if you think you might lose or damage it.

Talk to potential funders about what you need. They might have equipment lying around that they can give to you.

Technological items are getting cheaper all the time. Businesses regularly throw old equipment out. Talk to local businesses and ask them to contact you if they are planning to upgrade their equipment. Get to know people who can repair existing equipment.

Look in skips and around communal bins, people often leave disused items here.

If you do have to buy something, keep a reciept. If you are a limited company or a CIC, you can reclaim these costs as expenses.

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