Space Proposal
With Sarah Bush

This is a sample proposal to make use of a 2 bedroom flat in a tower block for community activity. Remember, no space is too small or large to be utilised. Cities are full of empty spaces, let's make good use of them.


We aim to provide space for the local community to integrate informally and get to know one another.

Proposed use of space

The living room will be used for meetings, activities and to create a safe environment for parents, children, vunerable people and the elderly.

We aim to set up a simple community kitchen to enable various members of our multicultural community to cook together and provide cuisine from different countries.

The bedroom will contain computers and be used as a study area to help children to work together in a supervised environment after School.

We intend to secure enough volunteers to open the space Monday to Thursday and for limited periods on weekends.


We will recruit members of the community with experience in teaching and mentoring and aim to provide an inclusive space for people to develop their ideas and to collaborate on practical, creative projects.

Computer skills

We will develop learning groups to help people develop internet skills.


We will run a digital photography workshop to teach basic skills and photo editing.

Life skills

As many of the members of our community are from different ethnic backgrounds, we intend to passively teach basic language skills and provide (and recieve) general education about diversity and multiculturalism.

The Team

We will manage the space as a team, utilising community members from the local area, particularly those with experience teaching, mentoring, nutrition, computing, music and the arts, those who have undergone CRB checks and people with experience with counselling.

We will take full-time responsibility for the space. It is our intention to recruit a multicultural team of local volunteers to manage the space in the evenings on an ongoing basis. It is our aim to integrate our team and the volunteers, and to give the volunteers increasing responsibility on an ongoing basis.

First steps

Upon securing the flat we will clean and redecorate on a DIY basis, with a limited budget, whilst engaging the local community for further ideas of uses for the space. We will engage in small scale fundraising to cover the cost of paints and basic repairs. vWe will leaflet all the flats and inform the tenants about the project. We expect that there will be enough enthusiasm to kick start the core volunteer team and generate interest within the wider community.


There is a small but realistic chance that the community will not be interested and the space will not be used effectively. In this event the cost to the council will have been minimal, as the space is currently disused.


Our primary goal is to generate enthusiasm, encourage multicultural social integration and to engage people in the local community.

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